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Comic Book Review: Joker

Joker comic book cover

I had this comic, Joker stashed and forgotten, this is why I'm now reading things I have before buying anything new, at least until there's some free space on the shelves. Anyway, coming back to the comic, I wish I had read before this Brian Azzarello comic, as now The Dark Knight movie gets even more meaning and I understand from where comes the excellent joker portaited at the film. An apparently "cured" Joker is released from Arkham Asylum and, as you would expect, soon starts to wreak havok at Gotham, especially to the criminal organizations. In fact, Batman appears just in the last pages, the whole comic is dedicated to the clown arch-enemy. And how well it is represented, pure chaos, violence for the simple reason of violence itself, revenge that can't be bargained or reasoned with... A Joker that just wants to create chaos and has fun doing it.

Excellent drawing and coloring, good dialogs... A must read if you enjoy Batman comics, and double time if you also enjoyed the 2009 movie.

Comic Book Review: Ronin

Ronin comic book cover

I finished reading Ronin, 6 issues miniseries from 1984 written by Frank Miller. The story begins with a samurai who fails to save his master from being killed by the demon Agat, who desires a magical sword carried by the samurai master that, once "consumes" blood, can kill almost every being, including the demon itself. After a fight the samurai will become a ronin and gets cursed to be held inside the sword alongside the demon.

In the future, in a wasteland New York, the Aquarius company has a biocircuitry complex in which it is developing tools and machinery that could save the world from wars. Billy is a limbless boy that is instead very powerful in telekinetic powers, being taken care about by Virgo, the artificial intelligence that manages the Aquarius "building". Billy starts reviving in nightmares the ronin events and... the spirits of both the ronin and the demon get loose in the world again.

I don't want to spoil more of the plot but just with the previous paragraphs you can glimpse it. Cyborgs, demons, samurais and shootings, all mixed in a pretty good drawing and interesting story, with of course lots of gore and action. Another "I don't know what I'm going to find out but I trust Miller" case that had a happy ending. Recommended if you like sci-fi action comics.

Book Review: Master of The First

Master of The First book cover

Master of The First is a short story, available both in book and audiobook formats. After The Lion has gone with most of the Dark Angels forces, the ones that stay at Caliban with Luther are dividing between those that support the decision, and those who begin to think they've been left away and things should't be that way.

Melian, a space marines captain, goes to speak with former chapter master Astelan about his reserves on how some fellow about how the Calibanite marines speak of those coming from Terra, to warn him and try to find some help regarding this seemingly rebels. Will he find some help?

Short, but as most Dark Angels stories interesting due its plot, so that should make you decide if worth it or not.

Book Review: Horus Heresy: Galaxy In Flames

Horus Heresy: Galaxy In Flames book cover

I just can't stop reading the Horus Heresy books, having recently finished the third book, Galaxy in Flames. In it, the Warmaster Horus is already corrupted and plans an attack to Isstvan III, in theory to crush some humans who are fanatics. But there's more than meets the eye, as the attack seems too big for just some rebels and not every space marine is going to drop to the planet surface to fight...

At this book the "new" chaotic Horus reveals himself (and those loyal to him) and the first space marine vs space marine fights happen. The story arc progresses and there are interesting events, although I felt that the book extends a bit too much certain fragments and the main theme progresses slower than in past books. In any case, interesting reading, especially as the four chaotic powers start to shape.

Comic Book Review: Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled comic book cover

I had the Hard Boiled comic stacked in my pending reading items since years. With my new policy at home of not adding new books or comics until something goes out (usually gifted to my close friends), I keep now lowering that stack of "pending reads". On to the comic itself, we're presented with 128 pages with the story of Nixon, an apparent tax collector that seems to be two things: a) a badass tought guy, and b) seemingly prone to have jobs that tend to go really bad and violent. After one of such incidents, he wakes up recalling it as a dream, but something just doesn't fits in place in reality...

The world presented is a highly depressive, polluted, sex-and-drugs driven dystopian future where cities are overpopulated, cars move from city jam to city jam, and polices have a dozen guns per person and move in huge tank-like vehicles. The story is as gory as you can imagine, and then some more, combined with an hyper-detailed drawing where each scene has so many tiny details, so many mechanical pieces or so many people (sometimes dead) that you need to take your time to properly examine it after reading the texts or grasping the general action. I recall from when I was younger some comics with similar almost excessive amount of detail, and it makes sense as the original comics were printed between 1990 and 1992.

While the story is nothing impressive, the amount of tiny details and jokes in the backgrounds, papers, soldier helmets and even candy boxes is staggering so I really recommend the reading.

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