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Comic Book Review: Warhammer 40,000 Revelations

Warhammer 40,000 Revelations cover

After the events of Will of Iron, Revelations covers the second volume of the series. This time the story and pacing does increase, maybe opening too many branches. Why I think that? Well, because we have as foes now Chaos Space Marines, Chaos human cultists, Traitor space marines, The Fallen, Eldar Harlequins and even Necrons! And inquisitor Sabbathiel arrives and seeks the Dark Angels...

The drawings are once again spectacular, so well done the comics seem worth even only for them. Fantastic coloring, great use of lights... is a pleasure for the eyes. One thing that I liked is that we get to see more imperial interiors than usual: an inquisitor dorm "room", Space Marine penitence areas and other places you don't usually see many images of.

With its ~90 pages feels short again (and of course we're left with some cliffhangers) but I liked it more than the first volume. If you get it alongside the first volume or already own that one, go for this volume 2.

Book Review: The Art of Blizzard Entertainment

The Art of Blizzard Entertainment book cover

I've grown playing Blizzard videogames, so The Art of Blizzard Entertainment was an easy choice. Although the first Starcraft didn't impressed me so much, the second part was much better. Diablo, I've poured hundreds of hours on each game of the trilogy and Diablo II was one of the first videogames that we played on our LAN-parties. And then Warcraft... videogames I've played once and again (especially Warcraft & Warcraft III), in single and multiplayer, and even played World of Warcraft for a few months (until was requiring too much time).

All of the previous paragraph is to remark that I cannot be objective as those games have been among my favourites for decades. And this book delivers, oh yes it delivers.

From pencil sketches to fully colored drawings, from small details to huge scenarios, from characters to double-page scenes, it is a visual pleasure to see each page. There are commentaries also, but they are so secondary nothing will happen if you miss them. It is also a big and heavy book, which I like because that means the pictures are big and many details can be appreciated.

If you like WoW or Diablo in general, you will really enjoy the artwork.

Book Review: The Primarchs

The Primarchs book cover

Small review of the 20th book of Horus Heresy series, The Primarchs. On it we find four stories regarding primarchs in the Heresy era, and get a deeper view into how they think and act. The novellas included are:

  • The Reflection Crack'd by Graham McNeill: Is Fulgrim possesed and corrupted by a daemon?
  • Feat of Iron by Nick Kyme: Where and why did Ferrus Manus dissapeared?
  • The Lion by Gav Thorpe: Is The Lion trully loyal? (I read and reviewed it in the past)
  • The Serpent Beneath by Rob Sanders: Is really Omegon going to attack an Alpha Legion base on an asteroid and kill its own brothers?

An interesting read, with some twists and surprises. I like the concept of different stories as they don't share scenarios (nor writers), each one being fresh and different. It is hard to not spoil the contents so I'll just say that I enjoyed them.

Comic Book Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum comic book cover

In this comic book, Arkham Asylum has been taken by Joker and other inmates. They have hostages and want Batman to go in, so he does that and enters to face not only his classic incarlelated antagonists but also his own fears and "internal enemies". At the same time, we'll learn the dark history behind the creation of the asylum itself.

A different comic, quite dark, even sad, with long line drawings sketching and shaping the characters but almost never sharp enough to distinguish details. I liked it.

If to complain about something, would be for the length, I had a 20th anniversary edition and half of it are scripts, sketches and notes from the creators, fooling myself into thinking that the comic was bigger and, while not short, is definetly shorter than I initially expected. Maybe was just the wish for more.

About a big ork and a busy painter

Small status update, as lots of real life work made me not have enough time to paint almost anything. I am also selling and gifting a few boardgames and RPG books so I've been quite busy not in the areas I'd liked to (regarding this blog, of course).

What I have done is received and assembled this gorgeous ork champion from GT Studio Creations, which I backed on Kickstarter for the 70mm model. It is so awesome and full of detail... I'm really glad I made that choice, even despite my crappy painting skills the model is going to look amazing, it already does unpainted!

Ork Champion

Sadly, apart from that there's not much to speak about... I'm reading some books and comics but haven't finished anything that I can review yet, but at least October looks more promising regarding spare time in the afternoons (or nights).

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