Book Review: The Art of Blizzard Entertainment

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I've grown playing Blizzard videogames, so The Art of Blizzard Entertainment was an easy choice. Although the first Starcraft didn't impressed me so much, the second part was much better. Diablo, I've poured hundreds of hours on each game of the trilogy and Diablo II was one of the first videogames that we played on our LAN-parties. And then Warcraft... videogames I've played once and again (especially Warcraft & Warcraft III), in single and multiplayer, and even played World of Warcraft for a few months (until was requiring too much time).

All of the previous paragraph is to remark that I cannot be objective as those games have been among my favourites for decades. And this book delivers, oh yes it delivers.

From pencil sketches to fully colored drawings, from small details to huge scenarios, from characters to double-page scenes, it is a visual pleasure to see each page. There are commentaries also, but they are so secondary nothing will happen if you miss them. It is also a big and heavy book, which I like because that means the pictures are big and many details can be appreciated.

If you like WoW or Diablo in general, you will really enjoy the artwork.

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