The Walking Dead Books 2, 3 and 4

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I've just finished reading The Walking Dead books 2, 3 and 4.

The comic is still ongoing and a few more numbers will still appear, so time to stop for a while :)

Without entering into spoilers, I will only say that the comic is quite good. As I commented with the first book, it focuses a lot on the psychological aspect and human behavior in a supposed apocalyptic global zombie outbreak, and this volumes make it even more important.

How would people survive on a long term? Will they become crazy? could they adapt and survive? and how? How the main character can protect his family at all costs?

This are just but a few points the book tries to tell. There are some typical movie scenarios too, but either as another situations or more in depth.

The plot has twists, some predictable, others a complete surprise, and in the fourth book there is a sudden but welcome pump of action and changes that has left me hungry for more.

I've noticed some coincidences with the book World War Z, but again, being a long-term series, The Walking Dead goes deeper and gives much more detail.

Highly recommended, specially now that it is back into Amazon stores (book 2 was almost impossible to obtain until recently).

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