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I've just finished reading the first book of The Walking Dead, a comic about a post-apocalyptic zombie themed world.

The story is simple and typical: Somehow, zombies appear and (at least on the US from what I've read so far) seems to have destroyed the civilitation, leaving only groups of survivors scattered. The main character is a cop who, after being shot, awakes from a coma one month later and finds everybody is either dead or turned into a zombie.

Not much impressive about the argument (looks a lot like the 28 Days Later film), but as the author explains, it is like a "zombie film that never ends". Some situations are typical, others more deeply thought, and overall if you like zombie films (like I do), the comic is really nice and leaves you waiting for more (in my case, waiting for the re-stocking of the second volume).

The characters are well portaited and human psychology is well developed, having from psychopats to fearless, overprotective and other common schemes.

The series are not yet finished (4 books are available, each one covering 6 original comics, and the fifth "pack" is being released this year, first as another 6 separate comics and then probably as a fifth book).

As I said, is like a zombie movie, but longer.  The drawings are nice and the undead are frightening (even being at black & white). I want more zombies!!! :D

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