WoW journal entry #03172006 + Misc.

Not many news... I'm very busy studing some arcane scrolls so I don't have too much time for killing monsters.

I've battled again horde enemies (they appear to like this zone, I've identified at least three back again from the last encounter).
With an elven mate we managed to free an encampment from a tauren druid and an undead mage.
Later I found the same undead rogue that I battled multiple times, and I died, but I'm improving my skills disarming, slowing, and stunning for next encounters with rogues.
Finally, I went back to the encampment after finishing a quest (killing some big, nasty elder tigers) just to discover it was overrun with horde... I counted 2 warriors, 1 mage, one rogue, one warlock and at least one hunter, at least one of them high-level (I can't measure yet their level if they're too strong for me).

So... I went back to Ironforge, smelted some minerals, helped the local dwarven cloth store (by donating to them 60 silk cloth pieces), and take a ride to Wetlands to finish some quests (now that I'm more powerful).

The small town inside wetlands' stronghold

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