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The Living Dead is a compilation of horror stories with a zombie setting. There are stories from some famous writers: Stephen King, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin...

The book contains a lot of short stories. And it is a good thing, because you wil enjoy some and dislike others. Not because they are bad, but becuase a few authors either go to the limit of the theme (almost no zombies at all) or gets too visceral or morbid (two stories made me think that their writers are sick).

Some of them are really good and scary, though. Imagine World War Z without restrictions: A school teacher gone mad "teaching" zombie children, how mad could someone become trying to pass by as one more zombie, how would be to have zombie servants...

The quality of the writers also varies from story to story. I'm no expert (english is not my mother tongue), but a few were bad written or maybe using too much slang.

The book is definetly not bad but I recommend skipping those stories you don't enjoy, because some of them are really disgusting.

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