Book Review: Horus Heresy False Gods

False Gods book cover
False Gods 2nd book in the Horus Heresy saga (Warhammer 30,000). The story continues just where Horus Rising finished, with the Sons of Horus waging battles in the far reaches of the galaxy. Loken begins to be suspicious of events happened recently, the warrior lodges get more fanatical, and upon descending to Davin, something tragic will happen, a misterious wound will leave Horus on the brink of death.

In this second book is where the plot explains how Horus falls to the evil side, how Chaos exists in the warp all around the universe, and the first steps of the betrayal against the Emperor. While not all loose ends are (yet) closed, as I expected this book complements the first volume and gives an interesting tale of Horus Lupercal downfall.

Recommended reading. Also, I'll probably get to read the third book (Galaxy in Flames) to learn about how the traitor space marines are revealed at the battle of Isstvan.

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