Book Review: Horus Rising

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Horus Rising is the first Horus Heresy novel, which I had since quite a while pending to read and decided to give a go recently. And what I can say, except that I now see why the series have so much traction. You have a huge expansion of the backstory regarding the most important event of the game world (the battle of Terra), you have some battles and action, the introduction of chaos, details of how the primarchs lived, battled and handled the adeptus astartes...

The only defect I found of the book was that it progresses slowly, I thought Horus conversion to chaos forces would happen in the book and no, this is a tale of when he was the mighty warmaster, before even he created the Sons of Horus chapter. You get nearer "the event" but not there, so now I have to read the second book :P

Overall, a nice reading, I really can't complain about anything and just hope to have some time to read the next book soon.

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