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Gods of Mars closes the trilogy of Priests of Mars and Lords of Mars. I finally had the time to read it and, while I have enjoyed a lot the full journey, and indeed this third act, this resolution, is good and well written... But I feel left with a taste of "it could be more". Most story arcs get closed, but not all (I won't spoil things, but the book starts with a really interesting "discovery" that is not really used much in the narrative).

The book is full of tension, as many characters in different situations have to resolve sometimes multiple problems, and most events unfold at once, the book jumping from one group of characters to another each few pages. But well done, keeping the tension and usually cliffhangers. Although some battles are quite convenient and some details a bit vague on purpose (to avoid probably impossible scenarios), I enjoyed reading so much about the Adeptus Mechanicus. It has been a good timing to release the books and then the new Warhammer 40,000 army indeed.

A recommended trilogy, although at the time of this writing this ebook costs more than twice than the other two, so maybe start with the others while price goes a bit down.

Note: Careful with The Black Library book description as it spoils a lot. You've been warned.

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