Book Review: Lords of Mars

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Following the events of Priests of Mars, this second book Lords of Mars narrates how Magos Kotov comes apparently near his objective, along Black Templars and Cadian forces, but some unexpected events will make the journey harder, way harder than anyone expected. Being a trilogy of course we don't read how things finish yet but we'll enjoy new adventures, perils and amazing discoveries along the Speranza spaceship. I won't enter into spoilers but expect more of the same [high quality content].

This book took me more time to read due to lack of spare time. Sadly I've felt asleep more than once not due to lack of interest but pure exhaustion from work. The same intrigue and pacing of events, discoveries and "internal affairs" from the first title is replicated, adding to the mix quite interesting plot twists. I've directly started reading the third and final book and I am eager for more adeptus mechanicus lore and tales...

Again, highly recommended if you liked the first bok. Let's see if the trilogy ends as good as has been so far.

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