Zombies!!! Expansions arrived!

I've received today my shipment of Zombies!!! expansions!

First of all I want to express my gratitude to Twilight Creations for the fast delivery. I bought directly from them and they've sent the shipment in first class (from US to Spain that means almost 22$ I haven't been charged!), the package arrived perfectly and with a special card as a gift :)

I had chosen the following expansions:

  • Zombies!!! 2: A military base, new event and weapon cards, and new mutant glowing zombies.
  • Zombies!!! 3: A mall. period. I love George Romero's film so it was a must have.
  • Zombies!!! 3.5: A lot of new event cards (plus quite cheap).
  • Zombies!!! 4: A stand-alone expansion with zombie dogs, new rules and scenario, plus 6 more players (allowing for 12-player games!)

There are more expansions but I decided to stick to this ones (I recommend checking BoardGameGeek for ANY boardgame you want info about).

I've also ordered a bag of 100 glowing zombies, that will arrive shortly in a separate shipment (as strange as it might look, the 100 zombies included in the base game can get short if game doesn't ends in about an hour!).

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