WoW Journal Entry #20081207

This entry won't be a "pure" journal since I haven't taken screenshots while playing lately.

Since the expansion came out I've been very entertained again with WoW. As they previously did with Burning Crusade, Blizzard has nerfed down the strong enemies (between levels 60 and 70). If you add the new skills for all classes and the recuded new XP levels required (until 70, then it is again terribly long to level up by soloing), I can now play solo without problems.
I still get killed (for being too greedy mostly :P) but monsters are more affordable for my equipment, which also is improving by finishing quests.

Apart from having my warrior Kartones at level 62 and going up, now I have a human Death Knight, ElderEnder, which is already level 59 an going up pretty fast too. I feel that DKs are a bit too powerful, because I'm building a "Vampire DK" (drains health from enemies) and while only level 59 he can easily kill 61 elites or packs of normal 60s. It will be fun when stronger, sure :)

Kartones, human warrior level 62

ElderEnder, human death knight level 59

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