WoW Journal Entry #20070603

My friend tobal masters the dark arts of magic, and recently found that, although I can't enter the Outlands by the Dark Portal, actually I can travel there by a mage-created portal. So he desired to show me what awaits my future by taking me there.

After entering, we appeared in a big encampment, with lots of Draenei soldiers guarding it from the enemies.

There were very powerful warriors... including one called He-Man.

We went outside, and at first it appeared quite peaceful.

But soon we could see how the surroundings started to feel hostile.

Once we arrived the Hellfire Peninsula, tobal delighted me with his new flying mount. But not for long, since the ground is full of monsters I couldn't stand a chance against.

Fighting across the lands, we found an alliance outpost.

It had a small mine, overrun with monsters, and the miners asked for our help, so we descended into it and cleaned it, at least for a while.

tobal told me that this outposts can be taken by horde forces too, so we departed before having to fight enemy forces.

He took me to the Dark Portal entrance, where we found burning legion forces awaiting for combat...

We managed to get to the entrance by sneaking through them.

But then... A huge pit lord appeared, commanding the forces to attack some heroes that had entered through the portal!

A great battle began, with infernals being summoned against the combined forces of horde and alliance heroes.

Slowly, the pit lord was coming to the portal, and I feared we were lost.

But with powerful combined magic spells, the heroes hit him hard.

And finally defeated him before it was too late.

When tobal recovered energies, we approached the portal. I still need more training before I dare to enter here without bodyguards... But the time will come and I'll fight too this evil forces.

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