WoW journal entry #05102006

You always feel good when you do something for others.

This week is the children's week at Stormwind. There is an orphanate in Stormwind, and from 9 to 16 of may you can help taking one of the orphans for a walk and to visit some places.

I took my orphan to a lighthouse in westfall.

To the dwarven dam near Ironforge.

To see Jaina, a well known human mage.

To the elven capital of Darnassus

And after a strawberry icecream (5p coins for a damm icecream!), back to the orphan mother.

But the reward was worth it! The boy gave me his pet, a small but very fast turtle called Speedy.

She appears to be very happy with me, and I'll take her in my journeys until she grows up.

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