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Today is the Noblegarden feast. Whenever you're young or old, a child or a grandpa, you can enjoy searching around the major cities for the easter eggs that contain coins, sweets or even treasures.

As the Elwynn forest is one good place to search for easter eggs, I went to Stormwind.

Reaching my destination

While travelling, I did remember when, few weeks ago, my friend t0b4l took me to Zul'Farrak to improve my weaponry (locals say that a mighty sword broke in two parts can be found here).

We gathered a 5-man party to be able to fight the trolls and mosters in the dungeon.

The fight wasn't easy. After getting past their ranks, we ended in a main plaza with an altar. We got upstairs it and found 5 prisioners.
After freeing them, the enemy found us and prepared to attack the altar. There were dozens of them.

The fight was long and hard, but we managed to survive, and got out of the dungeon. I found one of the two pieces of the sword, so I'll come back soon for the other part.

...As I arrived Stormwind, I went outside and started hunting for easter eggs. It was fun and in the process I mined some cooper (which I didn't have in stock since months!).

Found an easter egg!

Along with some cooper coins, I found some sweets inside the easter eggs :)

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