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Yesterday was a very challenging day in my life.

I'm starting to go deep into the jungles of Stranglethorn Valley (where I'm staying since some time because there are monsters of increasing difficulty perfect to improve my battle skills), and things are getting really dangerous.

There are a lot of horde enemies. Literally. I've started to improve my combat skills just to survive. You can be killing a panther or tiger, and suddenly an enemy attacks you (if you're lucky, they usually come in small groups of 2 or 3).

I've killed some of them, mostly same level foes, but I discovered two things. One, that I cause some pain to stronger foes than me (not too stronger but a bit), and the other than same applies the inverse way.

Later, Sarita came and we finally had some fun together as I had promised her.

Nice looking sword. Too bad someday will be destroyed as Sarita, being a paladin, will surely use a mace or warhammer (to whom she has racial bonus).

We went to the rebel camp to kill their leader Kurzen. We reached his position, killed his bodyguards, and started a furious fight with him... But he was too much for us. After almost killing him, we both finally died.

We swore vengeance, and soon we'll come back to get rid of him.

After all this combat in just a few hours, I went to swim a bit, under the pale moonlight.

The level difference was me being 36 and my enemy a lvl 39 rogue when I won, and 36 the other rogue that killed me twice.
Skills controlling the character and having strategies to kill opponents are crucial. I'm loving this pvp. People that dislikes it say that not fearing to lose equipment makes it boring, but it's the inverse; by not fearing to lose your objects, you can be more aggresive (which Blizzard wants between the two factions).

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