WoW journal entry #02282006

Today has been quite fun. I walked for not too long this lands, but I had some interesting encounters.

First I was fighting with rebel warriors, when one of then turned out to be an allied spy. I helped him to escape and now I'll try to help finding some information from the enemies.

Just a bit later, I was killing some huge panthers, when some Horde enemies appeared from nowhere (well... actually from behind me) and killed me very fast (I can't stand to enemies at one, at least with my current equipment).

When I got killed, a female rogue night elf dropped from shadows to help me. She died too, but we made a party to defend ourselves better. We killed bigger (and in less time) foes.

After helping her to obtain some shadow panther skins, she guided me to an expedition camp that I didn't know yet. The problem is that is in the middle of the jungle, so too often Horde enemies attack it.

And lastly I went back to Ironforge's Inn, to have some beer and rest until my next adventures.

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