WoW journal entry #02112006

Lot's of things have happened in Azeroth since my last journal entry.

First, I was fighting some cursed pirates for their treasure, and I got cursed; I had to stay being an undead for some time, but the curse went off.

This days is the Darkmoon Fairy fair (outside Stormwind for we the alliance people). I've managed to get 50 prize tickets in order to obtain a wonderful storage box, but I'll have to wait for the next one because I have 34 and can't obtain more (no more adequate quests for me).

I had some fun being thrown like a cannon-ball and trying to land at the designated spot (into the near river).

Also, I discovered Booty Bay, the pirates coastal city. It was very hard to get here (the place is overrun with horde enemies) but I did it.
Probably I'll stay some weeks here, killing enemies around until I can learn to mount horses.

This time I went to rest at some encampment I found between mountains.

Almost level 35 now! and some friends and I have moved to a spanish guild (Disconnected From Server) because Princesando is missing in action (maybe some demon devoured his elvish flesh...).

Now my mission is to reach lvl 40 and buy a damm horse to stop running from place to place.

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