Thousand sons, Ahriman and Magnus the red arrive

It seems that all rumours and analysis of the teasers were right, and we have a big Thousand Sons update! More especifically:

  • Magnus the red, as previously seen over the internet
  • Ahriman new awesome mini (on the flying disk!)
  • Rubric marines AND terminators
  • Exalted sorcerers
  • Tzaangors
  • Wrath of Magnus book, another narrative campaign like Curse of the Wulfen
  • New paints (2) and sprays (5)
  • Thousand sons dice

As can all be seen in this "summary" trade poster official image (click on the image to open it full-size):

Trade poster with all new releases for 19th Nov 2016

Source: Games workshop retailers website (link 1 & link2)

Posted on 2016-11-19

Categories: Miniatures Painting Warhammer 40000 Books

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