Third roleplaying session: WoW time!

We've just had our third RPG session, and for this time we changed to more classic sowrds & monsters adventures, World of Warcraft RPG (2nd Edition). Based on d20 and Open Gaming License ruleset, it is simple to play yet fun and themed under Warcraft's universe.

We created our characters, assigned our level 1 attributes, feats and skills, and played a small, introductory quest of killing a nigromant which was hiding near Ironforge mountains.

I'm using a (now level 2) Dwarf Paladin (named Segis) which wears a mighty axe that slices through enemies as if they were paper (I've killed a boar, skeletons, orcs and an evil dwarf so far).

We are a party of four (me, a human warrior, a human arcanist and a night elf druid), and right now it is hard to survive (until levels 3-5 you don't get any good spell, hitpoints are low and you miss frecuently your attacks), but we had some fun playing and the mages did some nice tricks (like blinding opponents with light spells when they run out of magic missiles).

As I said, the game is fun. Not too complex, but having a pair of rulebooks (we had one paper rulebook and one laptop with the PDF version) comes handy at least until you get the basics of dice rolls and game mechanics. I like the Warcraft theme, and being a d20 game, we can easily add creatures and monsters to the game (like we did with a summoned wolf).

I'm looking forward for our next session (and I'm dying to play WoW for some hours!).

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