Started playing Risk Legacy

Since I read about Risk Legacy, I thought that the concept of an evolving/changing game, with permanent decisions, was something amazing (and fresh for boardgames). Now that I have tested it (actually played 4 games), I can confirm it indeed is amazing.

The game appears to be a customized modern Risk, where each player (faction) has a different army, with actual different miniatures (lovely tanks, mechs, cannons, soldiers...).

But if you look at the image above, the game box also includes some small white packages, with rules of when to open each. Stickers, new decks of cards, battle scars, resource coins... many components that alter the game, not only from the beginning but the pure rules as you play more games (some stickers modify the rulebook itself!).

I won't enter in details of how it works because internet has tons of reviews already, I will just say that the way it gets personalized gives you a huge feel of "I am actually shaping this world", instead of just playing on it.

I have prepared a permanent page where I will log all the battles I play of my Risk Legacy world.
Be warned that it contains SPOILERS of the decks.

I can't stop recommending this game to anybody that likes the original Risk.

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