Risk Legacy Earth #00002805

Earth #00002805 / Colonized @ Mar-10-2012


+++ Combat Log +++


+ Battle #1 - European Terror Crusade +

Factions: Die Mechaniker, Khan Industries

Some North America and Asia territories have additional resources (randomly chosen). This made the initial deployment of troops deterministic, Die Mechaniker ones arriving to North America and Khan Industries to Asia.


Die Mechaniker expanded to South America and Africa , Khan Industries conquered Australia, and Europe was the battlefield. Terrible constant wars at Russia and central Europe territories.


First Earth bunker founded at Kamchatka (Northeast Asia) to protect from sea attacks coming from North America.


Quite balanced, tons of attacking losses in both sides, but Khan Industries left a line of defense weak point that Die Mechaniker exploited and his tanks were able to invade Middle East, Afghanistan and go up to Siberia.
Khan's HQ held but they lost by red star points.

Major and minor cities founded afterwards.

Winner: Die Mechaniker


+ Battle #2 -Fast 3rd World Attack +

Factions: Die Mechaniker, Khan Industries, Imperial Balkania, Saharan Republic

Die Mechakiner deployed the troops this time at Peru, conquering South America and battling for North America and Africa (conquering the later). Europe suffered battles from all four forces, the army at its territories (Imperial Balkania) being on the brink of total annihilation. They held but didn't stand a chance. Khan Industries conquered big parts of Asia and Australia.

Multiple minor cities and another major city were founded. Bunkers were placed at key points in Central America and Western Europe.

Winner: Die Mechaniker


+ Battle #3 - The War of Three Days +

Factions: Khan Industries, Imperial Balkania, Enclave of the Bear, Saharan Republic

Enclave of the Bear makes its appearance at North America. Imperial Balkania uses Fredonia (city at Peru, South America) to rise and amass an army.

Saharan Republic appears at Indonesia, dangerously near to Khan Industries which have huge factories at China Forge. Conflict is inevitable and at the end Khan Industries conquers Australia. The edge of having two HQs allows it to do a full scale quick attack that breaches into Africa and then Europe, giving the victory in just three days.

After more battles, Northen and Western Europe are suffering shortages of ammunition. Russia, Iceland and Scandinavia are short on troops and food, while Madriz (city at Western Europe) resists with its bunker.

Winner: Khan Industries


+ Battle #4 - To The Kitchen +

Factions: Die Mechaniker, Khan Industries, Imperial Balkania, Saharan Republic

Khan Industries appear at Ontario, North America. Fights with Die Mechaniker start early, while Western Europe holds Imperial Balkania troops that keep defending Madriz from intruders.

Saharan Republic spawns at Indotech, the new major city at Indonesia. Capturing and spreading also through Asia, performs guerilla attacks until Africa. Upon conquering fragments of the continent, huge troop reinforcements appear from nowhere and strike against South America, breaking into the major cities and killing many Die Mechaniker troops.

First nuclear missiles are used in battles, causing terrible losses. Rumors of radioactivity start to spread, but there is no proof yet nor confirmed areas in which radiation levels might be harmful. Expected increased usage of nukes due to desire of conquering more territories.

All 9 minor cities and 4 out of 5 major cities have been founded.

Winner: Saharan Republic


+ Battle #5 - Ira Negra (Black Rage) +

Factions: Die Mechaniker, Khan Industries, Imperial Balkania, Saharan Republic, Enclave of the Bear

The world starts to show signs of long wars: Almost all cities are founded. Northen and West Europe devastated. Bunkers set, regions clearly defined... But everything can change in a matter of seconds.

Die Mechaniker, who spawned at Egypt, got really strong, while on three powerful territories biological bombs exploded, causing the major cities of Indonesia (Indotech), Greenland (Black Mesa) and Brazil to become radioactive zones.

But every action has a reaction balancing it. Now the world has some "special forces", which give the faction that aligns with them special features like radar shields against nuclear missiles or nomads.

Even with the radiation, Mechaniker soldiers kept expanding and spreading and eventually conquered enough territories to win the battle, renaming Africa continent to "Maliqua".

Winner: Die Mechaniker


+ Battle #6 - Reventandooo (Breaking) +

Factions: Die Mechaniker, Khan Industries, Imperial Balkania, Saharan Republic, Enclave of the Bear

All five factions spawned on the battlefield again, with a Khan Industries and the Saharan Republic very close to each other around Australia and southern Asia. Fights quickly started, while the other factions started to spread across the rest of the world.

Radioactive zones, ammo shortage areas and now fortified cities make tactical decisions matter even more. Thousands die on each false step or incorrect decision.

Imperial Balkania grew out of proportions, conquering not only Africa and southern America, but also spawning along east Europe and central America. Two cities fortified themselves with a new technology of energy shields, but they couldn't withstand such a big attack force.

For the first time, a Faction was eliminated from the battle, shredded into pieces. But rumors of mercenary settlements started to be heard as soon as this happened. It is said that whatever doesn't kills you, makes you stronger.

A huge concentration of Balkanian troops gathered at Western Europe's capital city, Madriz. And then... something incredibly happened. Radars went crazy and satellites displayed something unbelievable: An unknown island appeared at the middle of the Atlantic. And with it, something even more incredible: Aliens!

Armed little grey men, with flying saucers. An enemy from outher space! Surely the Imperial Balkania have been collaborating with them, as they appeared to be their allies.

The world froze, shocked with the news. What are their intentions? Do they just want to destroy all human citiens, to wipe out all life, or maybe they hide darker secrets?

Winner: Imperial Balkania


+ Battle #7 - The world is mine +

Factions:Die Mechaniker (South Africa),Enclave of the Bear (Alberta), Khan Industries (Indonesia), The Aliens (Alien island placed in the Atlantic Ocean)

Aliens spread quickly into Africa, constantly fighting with Die Mechaniker. The Enclave spread all over North America and the western side of South america. Khan Industries was left to its own, a big mistake that led them to conquer all Australia and Asia quite early and became very powerful, setting big armies to defend the perimeters of his reign.

Brazil and Greenland are radioactive wastelands but miraculously Black Mesa city survives with a powerful defense field surrounding the city limits.

The Aliens got huge reinforcements in East Africa after conquering and holding East Africa for a while. Lots of flying saucers were seen around the region, spreading all over Africa (and actually conquering it) before Khan Industries wiped them out from the country.

Probably as a vengeance, huge alien spaceships appeared over the cities of Outher Heaver (Kamchatka) and Madriz (Western Europe) and fired huge rays that reduced both cities to ruins. The military facilities survived (mostly bunkers and defensive positions) but the cities are nothing but ashes now.

Mercenary settlements have appeared at South Africa and Alaska, offering extra troops for the faction that conquers those areas.

Both the Aliens and Die Mechaniker factions were fully eliminated, but the Enclave held on on a few US territories.Khan Industries won, and with the additional resources have managed to contain and clean the radioactive areas around Indonesia, making it a better place again.

Faction changes:

  • Die Mechaniker have learned from their defeat and got stealthier for next battles.
  • Enclave of the Bear have lost valuable HQ forces and got more primitive, taking less advantage from now on when holding cities.
  • Khan Industries have become unpopular due to so many battles killing innocents, so now cities are more reluctant to acept them as their leaders.

There are rumors of at least one more city to be found, other cities working on developing fortification fields, an increased use of tactical nukes in battles and of course the Alien menace, far from finished and probably retaliating.

Winner: Khan Industries


+ Battle #8- The long and winding road to victory +

Factions: Aliens, Die Mechaniker, Enclave of the Bear, Imperial Balkania


War changes everything. Northen Europe poor and unable to supply with weapons and ammunition. Madriz destroyed by the Aliens. And the dangerous Alien island dangerously near both Europe and USA.

This battles started normal: Enclave appearing at Africa, Die Mechaniker at South America, Balkania in North America, and the Aliens both in the Alien Island and Australia.

Some fights, some battles, and the Aliens were amassing an incredibly big amount of troops and flying saucers at USA. Then, something happened: The Aliens attacked the northwest territory from Ontario, launching an unprecedented attack. The mothership then came down to the atmosphere and launched what looked like a multi-warhead nuclear attack.

The resulting explosion was so big that it killed most of the troops from all factions of all sibiling cities. Even the aliens didn't expected such a big explosion. Ontario was fully destroyed. In fact the region is so radioactive that the whole area is suffering a fallout and looks really dangerous to even come close to it.


The Enclave conquered Africa and then was able to expand over most of Europe. The Aliens retaliated by destroying the capital city of Africa, Zanzibar, but this didn't stopped the Enclave. They even tried to conquer the Balkanian HQ, losing troops in the radioactive Greenland area, but couldn't do it.


Instead, they expanded through most of Asia and attacked without mercy, fighting with all the factions and yet spawning an unlimited amount of troops everywhere. For each fighter down, two more appeared in its place.

Due to the loss of Zanzibar and some revolutions, two HQs were destroyed, so to win the battle the Enclave decided to annihilate the Aliens and steal their base.


Indonesia took days not only to occupy, but to maintain, but in the end the Enclave were able to capture and hold it. The Aliens retreated but survived, as did the other factions, with Die Mechaniker being also quite widespread but not as strong.

North America has nuclear waste problems…


But the Aliens not only brought the "nuclear fire"…


From the fallout, rumors have started to appear of dangerous mutants, carrying primitive weapons and terrible vehicles, but almost painless and completely mad.


Soon the other factions will have to face them. War isn't over yet.

Mutants have appeared

Winner: Enclave of the Bear

+ Battle #9- Acción Mutante (Mutant Action) +

Factions: Die Mechaniker, Imperial Balkania, Mutants

Mutants have spawned in the old United States of America, and they are a serious threat.

After the big nuke taht wiped out most of Ontario, mutants appeared around northen America and Australia' Die Mechaniker occupied most of South America, and Imperial Balkania appeared at Africa.

Being so few factions in play, all three grew up really fast, amassing huge armies before the first fights between mutants and Mechaniker started at Central America.

Balkanian forces took Africa, most of Europe, half of Asia and even the misterious Alien Island, but advanced slowly to avoid too many confrontations. When their tanks were at the borders and could almost see the cannons of Die Mechaniker, two events happened.

First, Die Mechaniker were secretly building the world capital, just over Aperture City. They finished it and now the world is almost in its final shape regarding cities. Conquering this huge and advanced city is going to be really hard.

And second, hordes of mutants fiercely attacked all South America, conquering the Mechaniker main HQ, all of the United States and all Australia.

Before the other factions could react, the battle was over and they prefered to retreat and live another day.


Mutants seem to be not only inmune to radioactivity, but even multiply faster when near nuclear waste zones. They are also evolving, this war made them even more fearsome attackers, but how and why exactly?

The last major city, Mega City One, was founded at Easten Australia, making it a very powerful continent having now two major cities and just one entry point.

Winner: Mutants

+ Battle #10- Zombie Rush +

Factions: Die Mechaniker, Imperial Balkania, Khan Industries, Mutants, Aliens

War. War never changes.

North America is a wasteland with the fallout zone spawning mutants, Alien UFOs are flying all over the world and some major cities still burning in ashes, Europe is still having a shortage of weapons, and things don't seem to be changing for the better in the near future.

Five armies battled again for the continents. Whenever by tactical advantage or enemy mistake, both Aliens and Mutants got really good starting points, allowing them to become very powerful even early.

Khan Industries holded firmly all Europe, but couldn't afford to go outside because of the heavy Alien presence at Asia. Imperial Balkania mostly holded at Africa, not risking to lose it but neither daring to go out and fight enemies.

Die Mechaniker were conquering a lot of territories, even managing to outcast the Aliens from their Atlantic base, but mutants had been growing huge in numbers due to the nuclear zones. When they woke up, almost wiped out the Mechaniker in the resulting rush, being reduced to a few territories at South America and the Alien basec. It all happened so quickly that other armies didn't had time to react and form an alliance.

The battle was over, but war keeps on... for now.

Winner: Mutants

+ Battle #11- Fallout Bombing Party +

Factions: Imperial Balkania, Saharan Republic, Aliens

All three factions started by expanding without any conflict, until tension arose between Aliens and Balkania, and Saharan soldiers seized Balkania's HQ when they were weak. Afterwards, there was only war.

The aliens seem to have an impressive expansion and reinforcement rate. There were lots of UFOs on most alien-controlled territories, and whenever they attacked, the always had many many troops. Seems to be influenced by keeping control of the Alien Island and apparently destroyed cities.

The aliens expand

Africa was by far the most disputed continent, with almost constant fights since mid-game, while Australia (from now on to be called "Winalia") kept really strong, and America (both north and south) changed hands at least twice. The fallout zone has become really dangeours to come near. Twice there were some "events" of nuclear meltdowns that caused all surrounding territories to have massive casualties, allowing the enemy to conquer previously heavy defended territories.

Battle progressed all over America, Europe and Africa. All factions spent most resources on gathering additional troops, and multiple nuclear warhead launches were reported on some of the battles.

Near the end, after suffering quite some losses, Aliens were weakened and Imperial Balkania attempted to wipe them out from Africa and America, almost doing it but falling short on a few territories, but still leaving them scarce and apparently few except for the dreaded Alien Island.

Afterwards, Saharan Republic spawned tons of troops by spending all the money and earned resources, and went to complete the mission (conquer 4 cities in the same turn), by starting a massive attack from Spain on one side to the Alien Island, Western US and then Eastern Canada (where the Alien HQ was) and Greenland, and on the other flank to North Africa, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. The losses were massive but they managed to achieve the goal. Then a new mission spawned and consisted on having at least 7 island territories, also already being met by Saharan Republic, and getting another two red starts for it, setting them as the winners.

On the aftermath, China is now connected to central America, helpful as Kamchatka is fortified so reaching Alaska through it is hard.

Winner: Saharan Republic

+++ To be continued... +++

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