Second Chtulhu Roleplay session

Today we've had our second CHtulhu (paper) roleplaying session, continuing the history and characters of the first one.

We started just where we left, being interrogated by the police for the murder happened at the hotel, and took to a hospital to heal our wounds.

But we found it was no normal hospital. A creepy ghost started to appear whenever one of us was either alone or awake while the others were sleeping.

We managed to investigate the possible origin of the ghost, a strange doctor, and finally found the source, not after I almost killed one of my friends because he was being possesed by the spirit of the ghost...

We hope to have solved all problems on this town, because it is going to kill us if not...

Note: I've been a bit off because of moving to my new house, and because of having at last my awaited Odin Sphere game! It is great but don't expect an rpg, it is a beat'em'up with rpg touches.

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