Roleplaying sessions are back: Alternity

Alternity artworkThanks to my friend Vicente, last sunday we had a 4 hours roleplaying session of Alternity, a sci-fi RPG from the late 90s.

At first it looked to me as a crossover between Cyberpunk 2020 and the Star Wars movies, but I was very wrong: The game uses a more or less simple d20 throwing system based on modifiers (which usually means additional dice, from d4 to d20 always, but sometimes a pure +/- modifier).
Combine that with 3 ranges of ok roll results (normal, good amazing) and an interesting combat system (with three levels of damage, and stun hits always present no matter how good the armor is), and you get a nice mix to enjoy futuristic adventures and alien combats.

The play itself was like a mini-adventure (that we managed to finish, albeit some catastrophic rolls :) and was quite funny (being 7 people allows for variety of decisions, opinions and ideas).

The only "negative" point was that the adventure had some similarities to a past Warcraft RPG adventure we played.

The setting and some of the races brought to me the sensation of being playing Mass Effect: the weren are so similar to the krogan, the psyonic magic...

Really fun and nice playsession, now the idea is to keep at least one session per month (one each 3 weeks would be great if we all can make it).

Oh, and as an extra, here is the image of the 8th misterious player... She didn't say anything but was willing to play:

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