Roleplaying Session IV: WoW Campaing started

Two weeks ago (yes, I've been lazy, but I'm having small vacations ;) we had another roleplaying session, and went back to WoW RPG.

We've started a campaign, continuing with our characters from the previous one. We've been "trained" to level 3 and given a +1 weapon (same type as we had before the leveling) to keep up with the difficult of the new campaign.

The mission is having to escort a caravan from Ironforge to Azshara (in Kalimdor). The merchants said there were no plans for attacks, but in case it happen we would get an extra gold bonus for the danger.

The caravan contains 6 wagons, some merchants (2-3 per wagon), and two additional bodyguards (an explorer and a rogue), hired too to protect the goods.

We departed from Ironforge, and the first day went without problems. We did shifts to always have at least 2 people guarding the encampment (a circle made with the wagons with a fire in the middle).

Everything was calm until two big bears tried to stole and eat food from one of the wagons.

We killed them before any significant damage to the caravan was done.

Location of the bear attack at night

The second day we crossed the tunnel to Wetlands, increasing our speed and changing shifts to be longer and with more people awake.

At noon, while I was sleeping, the caravan got attacked by a tribe of orcs.

We counted 9 warriors and one shaman. I got up and started dressing my armor (putting on a breast plate is not fast nor easy), while my friends started fighting the orcs.

The battle was very hard, and two of us fall asleep because of the shaman spells, but the invoked wolves of our druid saved the situation and the shaman finally fled (and escaped), all nine orc warriors dead.

Location of the Orc attack to the convoy

On the third day, we managed to arrive to Menethil Harbor, and took some rest on the local inn.

The adventure will continue...

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