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I enjoyed a lot reading The Martian, from Andy Weir, so I wanted to read his new sci-fi book, Project Hail Mary. For the last weeks, I've finally went trough it, and I liked it.

As you will experience way better the story not knowing almost anything (but the wikipedia link above will give you a brief summary), I'll just mention the beginning, where a guy wakes up with amnesia in a spaceship. He gradually remembers everything, from who he was to what's he doing there, what's the purpose. The book combines blocks of flashbaks (as the main character remembers them) with the main timeline (his present time), in a sometimes a bit too convenient way, but still well executed to keep you intrigued up until the end.

It is way more fictional than the previous book from the author, but maintains a similar stereotype of the protagonist being quite clever (here even more so) and able to solve some situations and setbacks with apparent ease. Also the humour is back, this time in bigger doses, but not to a point that becomes pedantic. I had a few laughs while reading certain thinkings and jokes of the main character.

Feels I'm not really saying much but I do really want to avoid spoiling anything of the story, so I'll just say that if you like science fiction, spaceships and bits of science, you will probably have a good time reading the book. It not as great as The Martian was (to me at least), but still a very enjoyable reading and funny space adventure.

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