Painting small Warhammer 40.000 scenery

Finally I'm being able to grab some time to paint, as I like to mix assembly/modding session with painting sessions.

My friend Lobo666 is helping me with the dozens of scenery props I have (including some huge building ruins), so I'm switching between painting Space Marines, giving the base coat to the Stompa, and painting scenery too.

Until now, this are the finished pieces we've done in two or three small painting sessions:

Rusty defense barricade – front view

Rusty defense barricade – rear view

Small defense barricade – front view

Small defense barricade – rear view (with a nice blood splat that Lobo666 did)

Radiactive materials barrel (missing some decoration, probably a number or something similar). Originally was an old camera film tube :)

Barrels and fuel tank

Objective marker

I'm almost finished with another miniature but I prefer to only take photos of finished elements.

After so many years not doing it is not easy going back to painting!

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