Ork stompa assembled!!!

It came out, and one week after, I've finished assembling it.

The size of this machine is really big (taller than all my building ruins except one), and has so many pieces that at first is overwhelming. I highly recommend you to check first the GW step-by-step guide to see what every piece is for.

I haven't glued some of the pieces to properly paint it without problems of not being able to reach some zones, but there's a GW gallery of some painted (and modded) stompas that shows how fantastic this looks once finished.

Look at the comparison between a space marine Terminator and the stompa.
Any miniature looks tiny besides him

Rear-view. It is incredibly detailed everywhere...

Close view of the two gretchin mechanics arguing.

Close view of the head with the custom eyes I've added to the face (two ork landmines).

The rest of the assembled but unglued pieces.

The big metal skull of the front has been modded. Bigger eyes, and smaller teeth.

Look at the size of the weapons compared with a space marine Predator Tank!

Size comparison between Epic equivalent miniatures.

Having a stompa is not just a great and powerful adition for my ork army, it is too a childhood dream becoming true: Having a real ork stompa miniauture was my dream when I was collecting Epic miniatures and reading the White Dwarf magazines...

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