Oblivion Journal Entry #06042006

What has just happened is incredible!

There are vampires in this lands! They're not a myth. They are real, so real I've had to kill some of them to free the city from their presence.

I discovered they were hiding in an old tomb far from the city, so I went there.

I found the entrance near the coast far to the west.

It was really creeepy, with hanging dead bodies, and sarcophagus everywhere.

Soon after deeping in I was attacked by undead zombies.

But they were not alone... I fought skeletons too, and the dangerous vampires, who tried to bite me and transform me into a foul beast like them.

But I did it, and cleansed the tomb from their presence.

After this quest, I've just restarted the game because of the huge amount of mods (some of them requiring a new game). I'll post right now a photo of my "new Kartones" (an ugly orc, hahaha!).

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