Oblivion Journal Entry #05282006

The painter's quest

One of the most bizarre quests I've been into has been the painter's quest.
I came into a house and found a woman desperate because her husband was missing.

He was last seen in his painting room, then disappeared.

Checking his drawings, one of them looked special, and when I touched it...

I appeared into a strange world, where everything was "painted".

I found the painter and he told me a thief stole a magic brush from him, and painted some trolls to protect him.

I fought the trolls and we managed to find the bandit, killed by his creations.

I finally cleaned the area and we found the "exit drawing". We came back to reality.

A strange experience...

This past weeks I've been really busy and I've almost not touched a PC for playing.
But seems I now can play a little again, so combined with some old stuff I still had to post, Journals are back ;)

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