Oblivion Journal Entry #04232006

Last night I had an unexpected visit, after killing "by accident" an explorer to steal his bow.

The Dark Brotherhood exists, and the legends are true. They come at night when you murder someone.

We speaked a bit, and I was told to fulfill a small task to prove worthy to join the brotherhood. I had to kill an old man that was staying at an inn.
The promises of power, magic items and working from the shadows appealed me, so I accepted.

After killing the old man, he came back and gave me some secret instructions to reach their unholy chapel.

I found the adbandoned house and got inside.

I was told a secret answer, that I had to use to enter this door.

Our leader is Vicent, a 300 hundred years old vampire. He gives me my contracts and rewards me for completing them. Our maximum leader is the dark mother, who nobody knows who she is...

I've given my "dark outfit", a light but magical leather armor very handy for infiltration missions.

My tasks involve "finishing lives", but in creative ways.

I've had to kill an old, rich man in a way it appeared an accident.

Or had to get to the Imperial prision by the sewers, and kill a prisioner without being seen by anyone (and escape back).

Now sometimes I wear this new outfit, when I want to be like a shadow in the forests.

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