Oblivion Journal Entry #04162007

Word came to me that a strange portal had been opened near Bravil. I went to the city just to find a strange 3-headed statue with a shiny light on one of its mouths.

There was a soldier guarding it, who told me that everyone who enterd, came crazy, insane...

I entered through the portal, I had to investigate further.

Inside, a strange man told me that this was a... different world. Thay may be a crazy world, or just another point of view of the reality...

I accepted to go inside, and suddenly all around me transformed into butterflies and wend away.

It indeed was a strange place... full of unknown vegetation.

And too full of new monsters, who didn't think it twice before attacking me.

Shortly after following the main road, I found to the right some ruins, and explored them.

There were more monsters inside, and some strange glowing ┬┐plants?

I explored the interior of the ruins and found some fantastic water-walking boots!

After leaving the ruins, I found a small house near a lake. The man living inside appeared to be insane, talking all the time about bones under the flesh, getting bones and things like that.

But he left me thinking.. what about if he was trying to say something to me related with bones? So I went to investigate the surroundings.

And found "the bone garden", more ruins with undead inhabitants.

And a dead gatekeeper...

But that's a story for another day!

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