Oblivion Journal Entry #04162006

The gates of Oblivion are open!

I've found a terrible thing... Somehow there are doors in some places around Trammiel, gates which go to hell itself, to Oblivion!

The first one opened in Kvatch, just in front of the castle.

I took my best equipment, and jumped into it, to found a way to close if forever.

This strange glypht can be found almost everywhere in this plane, so I suppose it's some sort of mark for Oblivion.

Inside the towers the view is terrifing. Dead bodies hanging, bones, demons, fires, and deadly spiked traps.

The Daedra are the foes living on Oblivion, and trying to conquer the normal plane. They are humanoid demons and very powerful adversaries.

Some towers need the activation of switches to extend connection bridges... Some sort of puzzles.

This orb is the key that opens and closes Oblivion gates. By touching it I closed the gate.

After closing the gate I was teleported back to Kvatch, where the fighters were waiting for me.

Soon we breaked into the castle (still full of enemies).

All was in flames, but we had to kill the enemies first, then bother about the fire.

Not all demons were Daedra; others were strange and terrific monsters.

We finally get rid of the enemies, but it was too late for the count, as he was dead...

After this incident I've closed another two gates, and each one gets harder to accomplish. I fear soon I'll have to keep away of them until I'm enough powerful.

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