Oblivion Journal Entry #04026006

Things happen slow sometimes, and too fast other times...

I've been busy commercing in the city, learning where is each shop and important point.

The city guards are very helpful and usually give tips and directions to find the most common places.

I also visited the chapel, searching for someone able to identify a strange plant I found.

I even did some sneaknig missions, like following a suspicious shopkeeper to learn where his goods came from. It resulted he has a strange companion who looks very very suspicious.

Meanwhile, to earn some money and train my combat skills, I continued my career at the city's Arena. I had to fight many battles, and in some of them I almost died.

Some foes were very hard, but I managed to win, and now I'm the champion. There's only one battle left to fight, but I promised the actual Grand champion I would help him first to find his heritage, so I'll keep my word before reclaiming the final battle.

I bought a small wooden house outside the city. With the money earned at the arena, I've bought all available furniture, and now I'm getting decorative elements.

It's a bit spooky, but I like it that way (I've been informed that almost all medium-to-big-sized cities usually have one house to sell, so I'll suit other more formally).

One tip: Be careful when travelling at night outside cities. Even sticking to the roads, there are lots of bandits, wolves and even monsters lurking in the shadows...

The suspicious good provider resulted to be a thief, getting the jewels and stuff from dead people at the city graveyard. I surprised him (and his bodyguard) and had to kill them.

Thanks to that, I now have a new, better armor and a powerful elven sword.

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