Oblivion Journal Entry #03026006

All I remember was waking up in a jail. The emperor of this lands had to go through my cell into a secret cave, and I were free to go with them. We went and after a fight he died, giving me a special talisman to bring it to his secret heir.

And so my story began...

I had to escape through some goblin caves, full of traps. By looking carefully at the surroundings I was able to activate them with a bow shot and then walk when they were useless.

I ended in a big city, and went shopping to equip myself.

People here are very varied, and almost everyone is helpful to find the shops, directions or even giving some small tasks to earn extra money.

I've become a gladiator warrior, to earn money and fame. I'm just a beginner, but I've won 4 rounds.

The outside of the city is overwhelming... vast forests and distant mountains, full with fauna that I can hunt to eat, but also some thiefs and bandits, so it's better to be ready for combat.

The last thing I've done has been helping an old man's sons to clean a nearby farm from a goblin infestation.

Saddly both sons died (there were too many goblins for me to fight while protecting them), but the mission was accomplished.

Oh, by the way... I like to "take care" of some things I see at houses and shops. I'm not a thief because I need them, and hey, if the owner can afford some silver plates, he can afford to replace them...

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