My Elder Scrolls: Oblivion character

As I said in the last post, here it is my character:

Kartones is a dark elf (wich can summon a guardian imp to protect him for 60 seconds), warrior mostly, but getting better with the bow (I just love shooting things in this game).
Also, he has a bit of magic knowledge, just to cast minor healing spells into himself.

As it's becoming a good thief, he can afford high quality armors (not magical items yet, but at least the best non-magic equipment). Also I'm training the repair skills, as armor and weapons can broke (and after paying for that equipment nobody wants to destroy it ;)

I usually carry a bow and a fine steel one-handed sword, but I kwow how to handle axes and maces too.

Yesterday I bought a horse!!! It's fantastic to be able to have one of this.
He's fast, and now I can cross forests in no time.

Here's a closer view of it. I dismounted to hunt some animals for food (just got a rabbit... I need more practice).

My only complaint about this marvelous game is that I couldn't make a "genuine Kartones" (bold hair and beard). There's no option of bold characters, neither they can have facial hair. So I made that Darth Maul-style elf (thanks to Lobo666 for the tips).

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