Moving more old miniatures

After moving some old miniatures, I've decided to move most of my remaining painted miniatures to my family's country-house. I mostly only keep painted from now on my Deathwing Terminators (+2 full squads) and some Genestealers including the big patriarch on the throne. I'll decide what to do when I finish painting other minis when I'm able to finish painting anything.

So, I've moved some really old miniatures, like the Rogue Trader Dark Angel Space Marines:

Rogue Trader Dark Angel Space Marines

And an old Land Raider:

Rogue Trader Dark Angel Space Marines Land Raider

But also some newer miniatures, like this plastic Dreadnought:

Dark Angels Space Marines Dreadnought

Or the Ork Stompa I had already photos of:

Ork Stompa

And non-Warhammer miniatures, like this (already pre-painted) Metal Gear Gray Fox ninja:

Metal Gear Gray Fox ninja

This small Aliens APC (also pre-painted):

Aliens APC

Or this old Aliens Queen:

Aliens Queen

As usual, you can see a few more photos and all the archives at the Warhammer 40k gallery and the Assorted gallery.

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