Moving some old miniatures

To make some room and fit all my miniatures in less shelves, I took the (hard) decision of a) selling a few miniatures and b) moving some old painted ones to my mother's house. These last months (years?), mostly due to friends either moving out of the country or just all of us having a very busy life, I've stopped playing and keeping boardgames (with a few special exceptions), so it was reasonable to also "get rid" (in a safe way) of some miniatures. I decided to take some photos first and uploaded here to my galleries section.

The galleries that have been updated are Epic 40,000, Warhammer 40,000 (newest one as there are multiple galleries) and Assorted/Miscellaneous.

And this are some samples of the photos I've added to it. As you will see, nothing incredible and most if not all painted when I was young, but still so full of memories I wanted to keep some photos of them always available.

All my Epic 40,000 painted miniatures. I had already only kept at most 2 units of each from my Eldar army and from the Space Marines and Orks armies. Now I'll only keep the titans and gargants I have pending painting. Epic 40,000 miniatures

Miscellaneous fantasy heroes and monsters. Some from HeroQuest and Advanced HeroQuest, others from various sources. Some heroes

Orks and Goblins

And then, some Warhammer 40,000 stuff, mainly some old Rogue Trader era tanks from my Dark Angels Space Marine army:

Rhino APC



But also other minis like an old metal Tyranid:

Tyranid warrior

Scenery... Imperial defense laser

And an old Leman Russ fully-armed Leman Russ

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