Mouse Guard Vol. 2: Winter 1152

Mouse Guard Volume 2

A comic book that arrived recently to my home (it has just been released) is Mouse Guard Volume 2: Winter 1152, second part of Mouse Guard: Fall 1152.

Continues the story of the mouse guardians, one season later than the first book. And in fact everything is very similar to the first book: Characters (not all, but a lot reappear), ambientation (apart from the logical season differences), situations, and general theme (I won't make spoilers, but could be more varied, truth said).

The drawings are, like the first book, really well drawn. Being "humanoid" mice, the gestures, clothes, and faces of the characters are really well achieved, so is the lighting and color in general.

It is both brigther than the first book (many whites and greys because of the snow) and darker (again no spoilers, but there are indoor fragments).

And once again, you can read the whole comic in one seat, and it lefts you eager for more.

But the next time, please change a bit more the theme before we get bored of it ;)

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