Left 4 Dead: A computer version of Zombies!!! ?

I know it is not a CRPG, but I'm addicted to Left 4 Dead.

Simple, fast, fantastic in cooperative play, and unlike it seems not short-lived. I'm enjoying it so much it reminds me the old times of "really simple but addictive" games. I just want to kill zombies all the time!

I thought it was a fresh idea (as fresh as a zombie themed game can be this days xD)... until I came with a boardgame, Zombies!!!

I've bought it this xmas (and some expansions are on their way) and played a lot with my girlfriend (yep! girls do play geek boardgames too ;)

Instead of writing a lot, I encourage you to read the rules (can be downloaded from the official site) and have a look at some photos I've taken of actual playing it:

The goal of the survivors, being the first to reach the helipad

The city layout is random and changes on each play

Event cards serve to either help you, or be bad with the other players

Reached the mall, just fight a zombie or two and get those bullets and lives

As the game progresses, the city gets usually infested with the horde

Miniatures are great (I've ordered 100 glow-in-the-night zombies :D )

Start to see similarities? Left 4 Dead has removed the event cards (and placed instead the AID, Artificial Intelligence Director), has added special zombies, coop play, fps elements, but overall looks a lot like a computer version of Zombies!!!

Even some terms as "reach the heliport", "horde" and some event card effects are used in both places with exactly the same purpose.

Anyway it was just a rant, each one is great in its field and I love both!

And as an extra, a small 4kb flash "implementation" of Left 4 Dead (thanks Javi!)

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