Hard times for young warriors

It's hard times for young warriors like me...
Just few days ago, as the Lunar Festival at Moonglade was being prepared, I decided to go and watch it. I picked up my weapons and armor and, after helping the Moonglade emmisaries launching some fireworks, I got my invitation to the festival.
I was so excited about watching it, I forgot to ask someone if it was a dangerous place or not.

Soon after I arrived, I went for a walk to see the place... and I found a terrible horror, awakened by the lunar event to... The terrible beast Omen.

Dozens of warriors (orcs, undead, dwarves... all united against the threat) were fighting with the beast. I tried to help and managed to barely hit him with one bullet of my home-made gun... Just to angry him and be his victim seconds later...

After this incident I went to my actual hunting zone, Darkshire, where I'm upgrading my combat skills killing undead monsters. There I had meet the local embalmer, who asked me to do some tasks for him.
As I'm always willing to help others, I did everything he said... and when finished he created a monster! A terrible frankenstein-like undead ogre!

Now, from time to time the monster awakes and attacks Darkshire town, and the adventurers there (me included sometimes) have to defeat it before it wreaks havoc at the town.

At least we can kill him, as we did the first time I found him going through the main road heading for the town...

I now fear other people can trick me again and raise some even worse evil things... I'll try to be more careful from now on.

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