This morning I went to Booty Bay in search of Raptor eggs (I needed them to improve my cooking skill), so I've started exploring the zone.

Helping a lady get back her bag, I found an adbandoned tomb and went in. Inside it I had to fight some Monstruous Oozes, but they're no match for my skills so I cleaned the tomb, and went back with the bag.

As I was searching for raptors, I found lots of them (at least 5 varieties). This one is the most powerful one, but I defeated lots of them and now I'm almost a cooking artisan :D

I'll still be around Booty Bay some days doing another tasks the local people have asked me. there's a renegade dwarven stronhold somewhere, sure it's worth a look.

I'm now lvl 32 and more than half to level 33! I want a damm horse, my char it's becoming an athlete running and running this big lands. I hope I can have all the money to buy a horse as soon as I can mount them.

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