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Y The Last Man is a comic book series of 60 issues (already ended) about a virus that kills al male living beings on Earth except a 25 years man and his monkey. He will try to search for his girlfriend, who is in Australia, while the world evolves about the concepts of "no males".

Loving apocalyptic stuff, I got all the comics and decided to read them non-stop (at least not reading other comics meanwhile). At first was a condition, then became a need, because I've loved this comic.

Touches many points, most of them psychological, from the search of love to what motivates the desire to live or what we do, but also some scientific ones like how will people survive if no more animals are born, how workforces will assemble in male-prominent jobs if suddenly they dissapear...

Homosexuality, machism/feminism, racism, drugs, wars,... A lot of topics are covered, most of them with a rational and possibly true happening.

The search that the main character tries to accomplish with the many many unexpected events that happen to him has many turnarounds, and the writing is (for being a comic) quite good. He starts as an innocent, a bit dumb guy that has to grow forcibly because of all that happens, making things harder most of the time.

My only cons about the comic are two. First, there are (very few) chapters with spin-offs that I would have left out as they add background but distract from the main story. And second, is not a bad thing itself, but all the journey is a sad story. Surviving woudln't be easy and people would be forced to do terrible things, but after finishing the comic I ended up quite sad.

Mankind should be better, value more life, and this book reflects and depicts this need as hard as it is.


I really like this comic and surely will read it again in the future. Highly recommended for everyone.

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