Comic: Crossed 3 - Psychopath

A while ago I reviewed Crossed, as a disturbing non-zombies-but-frenzied-infected comic that a friend let me read.

I haven't read the second volume but, as the first, Crossed 3 is a stand-alone story, using the same setting of an apocalyptic near future where an infection enrages people to terrible limits, converting them into frenzied assasins, cannibals and even worse...

The main story is about a man with a broken leg found by a small team of 4 survivors, who carry him in search of a safeplace, "The Mission".

This comic book is directly gross. Zoophilia, raping, crude sex and extremely gory violence happen a lot. Be warned because it is really mature and crude (well, as the first one).

Not recommended for everybody. Curious to read, because the stories are not bad, but really disturbing.

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