Comic Book: Warhammer 40k: blood & Thunder

Blood and Thunder

Recently I've read (in one night, as usual with most comic books) is Warhammer 40.000: Blood & Thunder.

It's another comic book set in the Warhammer 40.000 universe (like Warhammer 40.000: Damnation Crusade), but this time telling another battle and almost from the oppositve perspective: The ork one.

Specifically, the story is told by an imperial guard captain, who is taken prisioner by the orks (thinking he is a rare snotling).

I won't make spoilers, but I can tell that it is even funny sometimes, and gives an insight of how the ork societies (well, more specifically the clans) work.

The drawings are nice, with the orks being quite detailed and different.

Maybe I could complain of the lenght. While not short, the amount of dialogs is smaller than in other comic books (given that orks speak less and quite badly), so you can finish it in a few hours at most of reading...

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