Comic Book Review: Warhammer 40,000 Revelations

Warhammer 40,000 Revelations cover

After the events of Will of Iron, Revelations covers the second volume of the series. This time the story and pacing does increase, maybe opening too many branches. Why I think that? Well, because we have as foes now Chaos Space Marines, Chaos human cultists, Traitor space marines, The Fallen, Eldar Harlequins and even Necrons! And inquisitor Sabbathiel arrives and seeks the Dark Angels...

The drawings are once again spectacular, so well done the comics seem worth even only for them. Fantastic coloring, great use of lights... is a pleasure for the eyes. One thing that I liked is that we get to see more imperial interiors than usual: an inquisitor dorm "room", Space Marine penitence areas and other places you don't usually see many images of.

With its ~90 pages feels short again (and of course we're left with some cliffhangers) but I liked it more than the first volume. If you get it alongside the first volume or already own that one, go for this volume 2.

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