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I finished reading Ronin, 6 issues miniseries from 1984 written by Frank Miller. The story begins with a samurai who fails to save his master from being killed by the demon Agat, who desires a magical sword carried by the samurai master that, once "consumes" blood, can kill almost every being, including the demon itself. After a fight the samurai will become a ronin and gets cursed to be held inside the sword alongside the demon.

In the future, in a wasteland New York, the Aquarius company has a biocircuitry complex in which it is developing tools and machinery that could save the world from wars. Billy is a limbless boy that is instead very powerful in telekinetic powers, being taken care about by Virgo, the artificial intelligence that manages the Aquarius "building". Billy starts reviving in nightmares the ronin events and... the spirits of both the ronin and the demon get loose in the world again.

I don't want to spoil more of the plot but just with the previous paragraphs you can glimpse it. Cyborgs, demons, samurais and shootings, all mixed in a pretty good drawing and interesting story, with of course lots of gore and action. Another "I don't know what I'm going to find out but I trust Miller" case that had a happy ending. Recommended if you like sci-fi action comics.

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