Comic Book Review: Escape from New York Vol. 1: Escape from Florida

Escape from New York Vol. 1 comic book cover

When I found Escape from New York Vol. 1: Escape from Florida I thought "great! one of my all-time favourite movies has a comic sequel!". After reading this first volume, I'm quite dissapointed and will just ignore everything except the two movies.

A comic with weak characters, cheap winks and references to the movies, a bland plot that mostly tries to recreate the badass attitude of Pliskin by placing him in another dystopic scenario, but only this time is sometimes boring, sometimes plainly dull, and in general doesn't makes me want to keep reading. I just finished it to leave the review.

Maybe I had different expectations (more alike to the movies), but it is a significant departure in scenarios and plot and just reusing the main character doesn't makes it the same.

Posted on 2017-03-10

Categories: Comic Book

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