Comic Book Review: Batman Haunted Gotham

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Batman: Haunted Gotham is a 4 issues miniseries that sets Gotham in an alternate reality, a victorian 20th century with cars but also witches and magic, where the city has a curse and nobody can leave it, no matter if alive or dead. Bruce Wayne lives with his parents and has spent his whole life training physically and mentally, but he's not sure for what. When a werewolf kills his parents and he finds a cave behind the Wayne mansion with the Batman outfit, he decides to seek revenge.

A curious comic, the unnatural twist is decent and it makes for different enemies: a frankenstein joker, a werewolf, and others I won't spoil. It has some black humor and the drawings are nice, although sometimes batman is too deformed (with a huge chest). Also as the setting is different, so are some of the dark knight weapons, having silver batarangs and a flamethrower. Enjoyable.

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